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The framework offers a practical approach to dealing with day-to-day life experiences and offers valuable tools and resources to help plan a good life. The process includes an inventory of the individual’s personal talents, resources, and needs across their lifetime and sets the course for developing individualized action plans.

The framework interconnects all of these life experiences with family, community and supports in creating an individualized, actionable, person-centered, holistic vision for the future.

You are invited to download these helpful resources are:

LifeCourse Resources

lifecourse experiences and questions booklet
Experiences and Questions Booklet
employment booklet
Daily Life & Employment Guide
infographic august 2016 Page
Charting the LifeCourse Infographic
LifeCourse 101 Foundation updated february 2017
Foundation of the LifeCourse Framework
Early Childhood 4 pager
Focus on Early Childhood
Focus on School Age 4 pager
Focus on School Age
Focus transition 4 pager
Focus on Transition
Focus on Adulthood 4 pager
Focus on Adulthood
Focus on aging 4 pager
Focus on Aging

Tools for Conversation

LifeCourse Portfolio Extended
Four Paged Portfolio
Vision Planning Tool for development
Tool for Developing a Vision: Individual and Family Versions
Star WorkSheet
Integrated Supports Star Worksheet
Vision Planning Tool
Integrated Long Term Service and Support Needs Template
Life Trajectory Worksheet updated february 2017
Life Trajectory Worksheet

For portfolio and samples of Integrated Supports for each Life Domain that have been filled in with ideas to get you started. The possibilities are really endless once you begin thinking about all different types of supports you use to help you problem-solve and troubleshoot your life!

Special thanks to the University of Missouri, UMKC Institute for Human Development for leading the development and promotion of the Charting the LifeCourse Framework.

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Charting the

Develop a vision for a good life.
Think about what you need to know and do.
Identify how to find or develop supports.
Discover what it takes to live the life you want to live.


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