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Think Globally, Act Locally. Through advocacy and leadership training you will create the awareness of the issues facing the people in the intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) community. As you develop a broader awareness and create a global understanding of the issues, you need to look for opportunities to act locally – talking to city officials about the accessibility of parks and recreation, explaining to your minister how they could make church more accessible or ask a business to reduce the strength and pressure required to open a bathroom door.

Or, you can represent the I/DD community at city council and county commission meetings or join the Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities (KCDD) and other advocacy partners at the state legislature or even in Washington to passionately state your case.

Advocacy opportunities are everywhere. It takes leadership and courage but it works!

Charting the

Develop a vision for a good life.
Think about what you need to know and do.
Identify how to find or develop supports.
Discover what it takes to live the life you want to live.


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Five Year State Plan

· Creating Leaders & Empowering Advocacy
· Leading Systems Change


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