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The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities (KCDD) draws from the values identified in the Federal Developmental Disabilities Act in evaluating and responding to current and future policy and funding issues that might affect the intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) community. These values are Independence, Productivity, Inclusion, Integration, Capacity Building, Self Determination, Inclusion in the Community and Freedom from Abuse Neglect and Exploitation. The Council supports these values while honoring the values of Respect, Innovation, Accountability, Transparency, and Partnerships.

In its Policy Position, the Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities supports the concepts of:

  • Supporting people with I/DD in their home communities with the resources needed to live self-defined successful lives.
  • Supporting youth with I/DD through community and education supports to individuals, families, and professionals.
  • Leveraging evidenced based promising and best practices to support all people in an inclusive community of their individual choosing.
  • Ensuring rates are adequate so that workers who provide direct support to people with I/DD are well-trained and paid a living wage with benefits.
  • KanCare implementation that represents a fair system of supports and the establishment of effective oversight and measures to protect people with I/DD’s current and future access to services.
  • Supporting the continued movement to fully implement the Employment First Initiative and maximize the use of Federal Vocational Rehabilitation funding.
  • Providing a rate structure that incentivizes the provision of integrated competitive employment.
  • Reducing or eliminating the use of restraint and seclusion in all settings.
  • The redirecting of resources to increase the community’s capacity to support all people including those with challenging/significant medical and behavioral support needs.
  • Maintaining a strong focus on DD Act values and ensure KCDD is fully involved as new federal and state systems changes are implemented including, but not limited to: Able Act, IRS rulings, mental health issues and Every Student Succeeds Act.

Public input on public policy issues is welcomed from self-advocates, parents, guardians and professionals at each of the Council’s public meetings. Everyone is encouraged to address the Council on public policy issues.

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