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KCDD Values
• Person-Centeredness
• Impactful Outcomes
• Respect
• Collaboration
• Innovation
• Equitable Opportunity
DD Act Values
• Independence 
• Productivity 
• Integration
• Self Determination
• Inclusion in the Community 
• Freedom from Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

Policy Priorities

The Kansas Council on Developmental Disabilities supports the:

  • Passing the Supported Decision-Making Agreements Act (HB 2122) to protect all Kansan’s rights and ensuring the freedom of choice to live self-determined lives.

  • ABLE Act- Update Kansas law to expand the ABLE act access to included authorized representatives. (Statute 75-651-657)

  • Supporting the continued movement to fully implement the Employment First Initiative 2022 Report and maximize the use of Federal Vocational Rehabilitation funding. Providing a rate structure that incentivizes the provision of integrated competitive employment.

  • Supporting SB 227: For all adult KanCare beneficiaries, this would ensure access to the preventive and restorative (i.e. fillings and crowns) services they need for good oral and overall health. 

  • Maintaining a strong focus on DD Act values and insure KCDD, families, and self-advocates are fully involved as we implement new federal and state systems changes by working with the IDD Modernization Task Force to include but not limited to:
      • Supporting people in their home communities utilizing state of the art research, technology and resources needed to live self-determined lives.
      • Promote community awareness to support equity and inclusion for persons with IDD.
      • Ensuring rates are adequate so that workers who provide direct supports to people with disabilities are well trained and paid a living wage with benefits.
      • Support and service delivery with effective oversight that produces outcomes that lead to improved services with increased network adequacy, protection of current and future access to services and enhanced system capacity.
      • Increase the community’s capacity to support all people including those with challenging/significant medical and behavioral support needs.
      • Eliminate the IDD Waiting List
      • Increased protections from abuse, neglect, and exploitation (ANE) through enhanced data reporting/analysis, system integration, and training opportunities.  


Updated: 3/2022

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